Last blog for a while

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Last blog for a while

I know this is not a big deal to anyone since I do not write these blog posts for anyone other than myself, but I’m quitting them today. This seems fitting because today is Thursday.

One of my favorite communicators, Bob Goff, quits something new every Thursday. He finds something that is consuming his time and quits it to make space for something else.

I have decided today is a good time to stop, at least for now. I have not mastered communication and I am in no way a ‘great’ writer, but I need to take a break. Sometimes it is good to stop things, even good things, because when you say “yes" to something you are saying “no" to something else.

Two years ago I decided I wanted to improve my writing and increase my reading. So I read 15 books in 12 months. This number might honestly be more than the total number of books I’ve read in the 27 years of my life leading up to 2016. That was a big deal to me. If you’re interested in the books I read, click HERE.

I started writing a blog once a month to challenge myself to work on my writing and communicating skills. Twenty-three months later, I have successfully written a blog post every month. Another challenge I set for myself was to have a better understanding of HTML and CSS coding. This entire website, including every blog, has been done completely with HTML and CSS. Here is a screenshot to prove it.


I was going to stick it out for another month to say I've successfully written a blog for two straight years, but that isn’t the point. The point was, and is, that I worked on my writing and now I am going to start pointing my energy toward something else. It’s only fair to say that I haven’t done this alone. I have had some help over the past two years from my good friend Ashley Nichols, who has been my behind-the-scenes, secret editor. This has helped me become a tremendously better writer, so to you, Ashley, I say, “Thank you!" Your writing skills are Jedi Master Arts level, while I am over here still applying for the padawon position.

So what I am going to do now? As you may know I am now a father of two extraordinary boys: one is currently two and a half and another who is two months. I have an incredible wife who holds down the fort and does an incredible job of raising our kids. She is incredible! I realize I said incredible three times there but that truly is the best word to describe her.

I currently work full-time at HighRidge Church as Media & Communications Director. I have an awesome team that handles and juggles so many tasks every week with excellence. I lead a small group of guys through the Word of God every Tuesday morning at 6am. I make time to run three days a week and work out in a gym two days a week. Recently, I started a company that makes everything Eric, my partner in crime, and I have done over the past three years (as side work for businesses and weddings) into an official company. Bow Tie Media is the name and I’m happy to say we are already quite busy. Check out our website HERE.

These are the things I am going to focus on for now. Some have asked, “Are you going to leave your job at the church?” The answer is, “I don’t know!” I have no idea what God has in store but I am going to work as unto the Lord and give my best at both jobs. My goal is to get to a place where I have to make that decision and I trust that God will help direct my path into the next season of life. We shall see.

Now, back to ending of my blog. Has it really taken a ton of my time? It hasn’t. Maybe three hours a month, but it has become more of a chore than a tool for growth and knowledge. That is the main reason I am stopping for now. It’s not about building something people will follow; it’s about putting the effort toward what is best right now. Every minute matters to me because I see how the use of even a single minute can affect your day, week or life.

We can’t change much if we don’t quit much. –Bob Goff

What is something you can quit today that will give you more time to do something else? You may think you are doing everything you need to be doing but my guess is that is not the case. So what can you stop doing? Whatever it is, don’t do it anymore. Free your life up for the most important things. Don’t be scared… just jump.

Until next time.

Stay Creative!

Wait. One more thing.

For those of you who liked the books I read last year and are curious on what books I have read since the beginning of 2017, here you go:


You think you care about people until you read this book. It shows how selfish we really are and how we don't think about others in teh day to day life. It also give a great perspective from a leaders position or anyone that hold a position over others. This book challenged me to love peope better and not care so much about what I want to do or acomplish even more so if I am under someone else. Is it all really worth it in the end? Loved the real stories in the this book the drive the points home. Great read for anyone but even more so if you are over people or trying to gorw in being over more people.

UkieWeb START WITH WHY - Simon Sinek

You always can konw your what or even how but many do not know their why. This book is a great read for anyone starting something but also a great read for life. Do you know your true why? I believe if you can even know a piece of your whole pie being life then you are more effective everywhere you go. This book was a great reminder and focus on what is more important. It is your why. You need to start with hit and end with you. Think about the more succesful companies of today. They either know their why every well or started out with a great why that brough them to today.

UkieWeb NECESSARY ENDINGS - Dr. Henry Cloud

One of the hardest things to do is to stop something. This book helped me understand even more why it is imortant to end things. You might think oh I can do that. Well what it is relationships or employees? That is a different story. This book handles endings with people really well and gives you real life examples that went good and bad and why. To grow and be successful you have to know when to let go and when to hand on and make the hard calls as quick as you can. It is better for you and for them even though it may not seem like it right away. Great read!

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