A Brief About Me

I’m an artist, designer, strategist, friend to all, family man and love helping people make effective change.

Here’s a longer, more official-sounding version, suitable for copying and pasting:

James Thorne is a natural strategist, a passionate creator and a friend to all. He is constantly seeking ways to cultivate change, and has been wired this way since he was young. From building a team through funny home-made videos as a General Manager at CiCi’s Pizza, to now helping design and develop at his local church, he has always found a way to innovate and create. He’s a filmmaker, an editor, a designer, a manager, a creator... a Jedi Master of the Arts. He believes in empowering others and in creating a strong team that builds upon each member’s best abilities. He believes in deriving inspiration from different people and different sources in order to live out his motto – help people make effective change. He is a true Texan and lives in the heart of Fort Worth with his wife and son.

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Name James Thorne
Date of birth November 16, 1987
Address Fort Worth, Texas
Phone 817-905-8624

What i’m currently doing